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Love, looking for love. Not hard to get, just not easy to find. In a situation as mine. Like Romeo and Juliet. Will keep looking, searching, waiting. Like a dove. - Rick O'riginal

— A Poem 2
all rights reserved

Episode 1 – Thinking Bout Life

Thinkin Bout Life filosofeert elke aflevering over een ander onderwerp aan de hand van diepgaande gesprekken tussen twee personen.


ITFO! ITFO! ITFO! ITFO! ‘Okay, cool! But what is it?’ Let’s give an answer to that question.
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About changing a name

Last week I kept on thinking and thinking about the same thing. About what and why? Check it out.

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The definition of life may not be clear. So won't be the definition of love my dear. It doesn't matter what you do or feel, Just make sure that the love is real. - Rick O'riginal Image by Paul Gilmore

— A Poem
all rights reserved

If They Find Out

You might have heard about: ‘If They Find Out‘ already and probably thought what it could be…

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