About changing a name

Last week I kept on thinking and thinking about the same thing. About what and why? Check it out.

Should I change “Rick O’riginal 2” to “O’riginal Creations” on YouTube?

The channel “Rick O’riginal 2” is originally meant for bloopers, outtakes, bonusmaterial and et cetera. The point is that I don’t record that often anymore, because I want to create content as qualitative and O’riginal as possible.

When I record something like a shortfilm -which will be uploaded to O’riginal Creations-* and when there are outtakes, than I could also upload it to Rick O’riginal.

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What is your opinion about this question? Comment down below.

Kind regards,

Rick O’riginal

* Normal show episodes and its outtakes, bloopers, et cetera will still be uploaded to Rick O’riginal.

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