'If They Find Out'

by o'riginal creations

'If They Find Out'

‘If They Find Out’ is a very personal project by O’riginal Creations. The short film is about the development of an individual in a surrounding wherein that’s very difficult. The short film is about Rick himself.

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Scenes written

Coming In 2019

‘If They Find Out’ is O’riginal Creation’s first short film.
The film’s main character will be Rick O’riginal.

Love is Love is Love is Love.

That is what they say. But what if love is not accepted? What if you cannot love who you want to love?
What if you cannot be who you want to be?
What if you have to choose between serenity or storm? What if life is telling you to remain silent?
What if life is unfair?


 If They Find Out

I know Rick as an ultra-creative guy thinking in pictures. He shares his ideas and turns them into images. I see every production of him becoming better. So young! That means a lot for the future! ”
- Cornelis Rot

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