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ITFO! ITFO! ITFO! ITFO! ‘Okay, cool! But what is it?’ Let’s give an answer to that question.

What do I love to make confusion! hahaha
People are asking me all the time: ‘Wtf is ITFO?’ ‘What does it stand for?’ ‘Stop spamming it on Whatsapp!’

Let’s do a lil Q&A:

Q: What is ITFO?
A: IFTO the abbreviation for ‘If They Find Out’, which is our first ever shortfilm.

Q:  What is ‘If They Find Out’ about?
A: You can read more about ‘If They Find Out’ by clicking here.

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Q: Why are you so mysterious about the project?
A: You’ll know why soon ☺

More questions? Just comment down below and Rick will answer!

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