Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why doesn't my role have any special links?

Why doesn't your role have any special links? Breathe in, breathe out. Here is a brief explanation:

Well, some roles on RickOriginal.nl don't need Special Links.
Roles, like admins, contributors, itfo reviewers and more, require
having direct links to special site parts, while other roles, like normal
logged in users and writers, don't need any extra requirements.

We like to keep our site simple.

This way we are able to offer itfo reviewers, admins and other important
roles a protected and creative environment. We know, we don't have https
on our site, but we try to keep secret documents as secure as possible.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.

Which email address should I pick to get in touch?

To get your answer as soon as possible, we divided our mailingsystem in sections.

If you just want contact with us, use Contact

If you have a business related inquiry, use Business

If you have a question meant for Rick, use Rick (Well, this sentence sounds weird...)

If you have a sale related question, use Shop

If you have a project related inquiry, use Project Related Inquiries

If you have a question for our helpdesk, use Helpdesk

If you still don't know which email address you should choose, send a message to Hello and we'll send you an answer back from the right section!

I recently bought something in your shop, but I did not receive it. What to do?

Let's fix this.

  1. First of all, go to your email inbox and search for "Rick O'riginal". Nothing there?
  2. Go to your downloads by clicking here. Nothing there as well?
  3. Go to your orders by clicking here. Still nothing?
  4. Send us a proof* of your purchase via email to Shop.
    * Photo, Screenshot, Video.
Any more questions?

Send an email to Helpdesk

"Rick, you suck"

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